The mission of the DropCRM project is to support various projects in the Drupal Community which will provide the building blocks necessary to create a CRM system with Drupal 7, and to package those tools together in one or more distributions pre-configured for specific use cases. Closely related projects include Profile 2, Drupal Commerce, and Features module.

The Module/Feature Releases and Issue Queue will occur at:


The Install Profile/Distribution will live at:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the DropCRM Project?

CiviCRM 4.0 Discussion

Since CiviCRM 4.0 is planning to get rid of the PEAR stuff and adopt a new framework, and there are many people who think that framework should be Drupal, we need to keep watch & participate in the discussion where appropriate.

Here's a recent blog post from Lobo, the CiviCRM project lead:


Possible Roadmap

1.) Release Profile2 #d7cx
2.a) Help update Features Module and Views for D7
2.b) Help Drupal Commerce standardize postal address solution.
3.) Define CRM Object model - Entities and Relationships
4.) Identify architecture for Relationships (existing module)?
5.) Identify Architecture for entity inheritance/subtypes
6.) Create Contact Entity with support for profile2, relationships, subtypes, and user-binding. Release 7.0.1-beta
7.) Proliferate Features leveraging new entities.
8.) Create additional entities & relationships defined in (3), and revise (3) as needed.
9.) Release early, release often.
10.) Repeat from step 7.

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