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Use or create a generic "Add a [entity type]" theme function

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 02:49

Right now, every entity type that supports bundles has an intermediate page where the bundle must be selected if there are more than one defined on the site. Let's look at improving this behavior with a core Commerce theme function or class to manage that whole process.

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Complete the CommerceStoreType / CommerceStore entity type definitions

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 02:29

The CommerceStoreType / CommerceStore entity types have been implemented as reference entity implementations. They are incomplete but currently provide the following functionality:

  • Defines the CommerceStoreType configuration entity type to serve as bundle definitions for CommerceStore entities.
  • Provides a UI for creating, updating, and deleting CommerceStoreType entities.
  • Supports managing fields / forms on CommerceStoreType entities via the "admin-link"
  • Defines the CommerceStore content entity type with a few default properties (store name, store e-mail, and default currency).
  • Provides a UI for creating, updating, and deleting CommerceStore entities.

The big idea here is that at least one store entity representing the online store's "global settings" within Drupal must always be defined. A website may define more than one store as need be to accommodate multiple domains, multiple sellers, fulfillment centers, etc. This means we need additional functionality out of the entity type, including:

  1. Forcing the creation and management of at least one store entity.
  2. Determining if any other fields will be necessary.
  3. Figuring out what the display URL / requirements are of store entities.

Additionally, in order to make these entity types serve as the reference points for other entity types, we need to make a few improvements to the module:

  1. Add a description property to the CommerceStoreType entity type.
  2. Update the module to support redirect routes instead of directly setting $form_state['redirect'].
  3. Replace the store entity list at admin/commerce/config/store with a default View.
  4. Add finer-grained access control (i.e. supporting more than just a single administrative permission; the typical bundle level CRUD permissions pertaining to any / own entities).

We aren't currently planning on revision support for store entities, so another entity type (CommerceOrder?) will have to be the reference implementation for that.

If anyone wants to tackle one of the items in this issue, just create a new issue for the work and link it in here.

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Make Product Type an option in Product Reference

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 02:23

Dear Commerce team,

I'm building an eCommerce site for a publisher, and I've got product types Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook all linked by Product Reference to the Book node.

The Product Reference select list has the option to display either the product title or the SKU, but not the product type: instead of letting users select "Book Title (ebook format)" or having to pick books out by their ISBN, I'd like to make a select list that just displays formats, ie, a list of the product type categories that book appears in.

Having a look through the module it seems like it shouldn't take much extra code to make that an option: adding another setting in the field_formatter_info() hook and using a different bit of information from the product in field_formatter_view. Should I make a patch to do this and post it, or take a step back and figure out how to override it from the theming layer?

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